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E18 - Repair Guide part 1

The E18 error message is the worst that can happen to an owner of the Canon IXUS. By manky mechanics the camera cannot drive their lens out any longer and displays the error "E18" in the lcd display. If the warranty of the camera has ran out it's not worthwhile to repair it by Canon in most cases. With a little luck you can repair the damage by yourself..

Thanks a lot to Markus who has written the repair guide.

With a little fine motorical luck and some patience, following this guide can help you repair your camera. The repair costs with Canon amount to approx. 260, - EUR and aren't worthwhile themselves in most cases. One should, however, check whether the warranty for the camera still is in effect and whether Canon would cover repair costs.

IXUS World is not at all responsible for possible damage to devices
or persons! It cannot be guaranteed that the camera
will be 100% functional again after the repair.

Necessary Tools:

- screwdriver Philips size 00
- cotton swabs
- alcohol
- NO grease, silicone spray, etc.

The removal of the error E18 is demonstrated with a model of the digital IXUS. The internal structure of other models of the IXUS (like the USA ELPH) series differs slightly, so that the steps made here can serve as basis for all models.

Here's the camera to be repaired. In the display we can see clearly the reference to the error E18.

First, unscrew the housing rear wall, then the front part and afterwards the middle framework with trip etc. (except IXUS 400) can be removed. Preserve screws well!

This ring protects the lens of the IXUS against penetrating dirt (missing with IXUS 300/330). Wave well!

The motherboard is shielded with a coated foil. Now the two screws are removed and the screen is opened by unfolding the foil off of the motherboard.

Now the two remaining screws fastening the motherboard can be removed.

Now we must detach this cable. Pull (or push) the "key" for the connector out (as shown with the arrows). Once that's been released, the cable will just slip out of the connector.

E18 Repair Guide part 2

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